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Has a Message regarding Product Safety and Quality Compliance

Product safety is of the utmost importance to us at Something 2 Brag About®. Our dedication to designing, creating and providing the most unique and enduring products for our customers takes us all over the United States & beyond for findings & components to create our jewelry pieces, no matter its country of origin.

Our Product Safety is just as important to all of us at Something 2 Brag About® as it is to each and every one of our customers. We too have children and want to make sure our Quality is in Compliance. Our team, along with our manufacturers analyze each prospective component, piece, product or item for safety from every possible angle before it is considered and placed on our website. We are all working together to control quality and safety. We regularly review Federal and State requirements to make sure our standards conform to the most current mandated regulations. If we feel a product or item is not meeting those standards, we remove them or make them unavailable.

When we carry products/items from companies other then our own, our suppliers & vendors are asked to submit documentation proving their products/items conform to the appropriate safety standards. We request that they routinely review and update documentation if requested, to guarantee consistent quality to meet the safety standards for as long as we carry said item.

All of us as Something 2 Brag About® are here to support you in our effort to provide quality controlled creations & unique custom pieces for your children and others in your life ~ "We make sure they are safe ".

We hope this will help reassure and ease your mind & concern(s) about the safety & quality of our custom creations, products & items we carry.

Should you have any further questions regarding safety and our products, please email us and we will be happy to address your questions regarding Quality Assurance at: Something 2 Brag About

We take great pride in Safety, Quality and Customer Service.

Here at Something 2 Brag About® we understand the need to strengthen the standards of mass-produced products such as children’s toys, jewelry, accessories and clothing across the United States. As a result of our understanding Something 2 Brag About® will no longer make available Swarovski Crystal beads in any jewelry for the intention of use by a child 12 yrs. and younger. This is to stay in compliance guidelines & laws with the
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Swarovski Crystals contain 30% lead, used to enhance their brilliance, sparkle & shine.

Don’t Fret! We have an alternative we have been offering for over a year now, with great results. Our complete Infant, toddler and children’s line will be made with Sparkling Czech Fire Polished Glass beads from the Czech Republic known by it’s name, “Jablonex”. They are safe and LEAD FREE!

Our Children’s Designs for 12 and under, are made with the same attention to detail & quality we have been offering for years... Sterling Silver, 14kt. gf, Freshwater Pearls,Genuine Turquoise and other Natural Gemstones

Please know that our Adult Designs & Custom Creations are not affected by this law. We will continue to offer our non-children designs with Swarovski Crystals, unless you prefer the alternative...

In Addition
While we do understand & appreciate the need for regulation, we still believe this law has hurt so many in the process. The hand-made industry, entrepreneurs and the self-employed... just to name a few, have all been greatly impacted by this law & regulation... Even to the point of closing down. Now, jobless and adding to our economic crisis. On the flip side, we have the consumer who is no longer able to purchase those fine hand-made, one of a kind & unique products because of this law and regulation.

It is our continued attempt to make awareness of these laws & hope for support in an effort to have the laws modified to take care of the REAL issues at hand.

Please see www.CPSIA Central or for further information.

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