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AAs far back as I can remember, I was always creating something crafty.
When I was just a little girl I would collect river rocks, paint them, glue on googly eyes & pipe cleaners, for legs.. then sell them at my dad's office as paper weights. Ohhhhhhhh that was so many years ago.
Throughout my childhood into my life as I know it, I have ALWAYS dabbled in the crafty world. Always designing or creating something others seemed to like. I soon found myself setting up every year in a handful of "Holiday Boutiques" selling my creations. I started to get busier & busier. Fortunately for me, I was able to quit Corporate America and become a stay at home mom entrepreneur.

How "THIS" all Started and continues to Grow...

When my 1st daughter was just a few weeks old, I received the sweetest little baby keepsake bracelet from a dear friend... It was handmade by her with my daughters name on it. (My daughter has a unique, made up name and I quickly discovered, if it wasn’t custom made... She would not have anything personalized with her name on it.) ...So my quest began... I would search for unique customized pieces of jewelry, safe for an infant (over TWENTY TWO YEARS AGO) unsuccessful in my search, I decided to look for the materials to make my own unique personalized pieces as gifts for family & friends. I made jewels for my little girl in different colors to match her outfits.. I created these personalized keepsakes in Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crystal Birthstones. I liked what I made for Kylea so much, I decided to duplicate her bracelet for myself, hence

"The Mommy Bracelet"

11 months later, I was blessed with identical twin girls. I added 2 more strands to MY “Mommy Bracelet” with the twins names on the additional strands. I also made a name bracelet for each of my twin girls. The bracelet became their 1st personalized keepsake.

My family and friends LOVED the idea! Before I knew it, I started creating all kinds of keepsakes for their loved one's as well.

Not too long after I started creating personalized jewelry~
Another close friend of mine had been at a convention for her Home Business and returned with this great photo bag. On the front were four vinyl clear picture pockets that she placed business props in and used as a marketing billboard for her business. This got me thinking....I thought "What a neat way to show off my family! Now that I had earned bragging rights. " I wanted to let everyone know how proud I am to be a mommy" by placing pictures in the clear vinyl pockets for everyone to see. Frequently ...people walk up and ask me about my children... A perfect way to introduce my business. Soon they are admiring the jewelry I am wearing and believe it or not... I sometimes sell what ever I am wearing. After all, I believe this is “Something To Brag About”!

Now! I am so proud to be able to offer these wonderful keepsakes to you…..
Keep cherished ones forever close with a Personalized Bracelet as a keepsake and/or display your precious memories wherever you go, with a Photo “Brag Bag”. Mothers, grandmas, aunts & friends will love these keepsakes from the heart.


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